Trust in God

There are times you may seem to be going through suffering that makes you question whether God really is real. You feel like you have been praying for so long but nothing seems to be changing. You feel stuck in a place that brings so much pain and suffering in your soul. And in this period you cannot seem to see God. You start to ask where is God when i am going through this, and slowly you fall into doubting whether He is real or not and the last phase is when you completely lose Faith and get to a point you dont believe in His existence.

I too have been through this before. I felt like i was going through so much and in all this i was alone. But one day as i was in prayer God remided me to Trust him and not lose faith even in suffering.

Today i also remind you too, Trust in God, I know it my not be what you want to hear now in your suffering but that is exactly what He wants you to do. To trust Him at your point of need. To pray to Him and ask Him to help in whatever you need. Even if you doubt whether He can hear you or not,just pray. You may be caught up in life and slowly getting distracted by your struggles and maybe you have stopped praying and stopped leaning on Him. You have probably started to wonder why your going through difficult times. But stop wondering and start praying.

This is not only a reminder to you but to me too. There was a point in my life when i was at my lowest, i was going through many struggles, i started to believe i was cursed from failing businesses to constantly getting sick. I spoke to people in an attempt to gain a deeper understanding to my problems but all they told was to get on my knees and pray. At that point i didn’t want to listen, but one night i let go of my stubbornness and humbly went on my knees and talked to God about all that i was struggling with. In an instant i was filled with His peace. The days after He opened my eyes and in the struggles i faced i was not broken because i knew He was right beside me. To me it was the one thing i needed at a point i didn’t think i needed.

Writing this would not have happened if i was mentally stuck in the place i was before seeking God. A place of stubbornness,and fighting to seek my own will without seeking God first

This is just a friendly reminder to anyone struggling in life right now just to Trust in God and pray.

Thank you God.

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