When you start questioning your worth in life

I sit here trying to write about something that God had already healed me on, a long time ago. Low self esteem, i feel so uprooted from my past pain even while still going though present struggles.I feel like a different person and looking at my past it does not look the same. This is a true testimony of God’s healing. I was stuck in relationships where I continouosly got used to putting myself down for slight mistakes and being put down by people you expect to love you that i started to believe that the words people say dictate my worth. But one day when all the pain i had gone through overwhelmed me, i asked God why i had to go through all this, why i don’t have what others have, why some people didn’t love me. But now i look back and i see how skewed my thought patterns were like. Other than that i also appreciate that journey i had to go through to get to this point. To a point where i realized the magnitude of God’s love which is way beyond human affection. I had to go through the pain to appreciate where i am now.

Where i am now, experiencing God’s love, is something that cant be taken from me because it is not attached to the world but to God and i realize now how much value He has for me. Only God could send His son to die for our sins and offer us a gift that nobody can ever give, eternal life. Friends and family can’t save us but Jesus already did and that is reason enough for us to rejoice. It is reason enough for each of us to stop looking down on ourselves. Just a reminder to anyone who is reading this, if you are experiencing low self esteem and are wondering if God even loves you, remember He already proved His love through the cross. All the words people say are meaningless because the Love we have received from Jesus is all that matters. The best verse for this will always be John 3:16- For God so Loved the world that He gave His only Begotten son so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Do not doubt His love for you by allowing negative thoughts to enter your mind because that will give the devil the opportunity to steal your Joy. You are worthy and God has a purpose for you just like Jeremiah, Moses, Jonah in the Bible He has set you apart to serve Him.

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