When you start to wonder of God’s faithfulness

Remember that He has done good things before. Recall of the days He filled you with His peace. And because of this be patient in your trials and hold firmly to His truth, that He is good and faithful. That when all you are going through is over you will remember that its His hand working in your life again.

Learn to look to His words spoken in the Bible, because those words were truth to you and brought life to you. Remember those same words have not changed and allow them to continue being the truth that guides you as you continue on your journey in this life. His word reminds you especially of one important truth that the Lord is good and faithful forever and i urge you to trust that He is still faithful even in your suffering. His words dont change just because your seasons or emotions change.

The most important thing is that you never ever give up on God. Even if you suffering lasts for a year or 2 and it seems to be never ending. Even if it gets to a point that you start to wonder if it ever will end, just keep holding onto Him. There are times that you get to a point that you feel like you are going to break, trust that He is still holding on to you. He saved you to endure times like these.

Keep holding on to Him because He is your strength and through Him you can overcome all things. And eventually may your lips be filled with rejoicing and thankfulness for all that He has done and all He is yet to do.

Thank you God that you still have a purpose for my life. I thank you and I praise you oh God.

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