Beware of false gods

False gods that exalt themselves above the one true God. That impersonate the Lord and walk around preaching a false gospel to confuse the Christians out here. Instead be vigilant and be close to the word of the Lord. The words written in that Bible are the truth you need to keep from being deceived. May they help you fight the lie of the evil one with the truth of God.

May the word of the Lord be a guiding light that you may not fall into the trap of the evil one. Many have fallen and many are confused because a false gospel has been spoken out into the hearts of men that walk separate from me, that it may bring confusion to them and they may be trapped in the lies of the evil one.

But i urge you to remain vigilant and remember the words spoken to Timothy in the book of Timothy 1:3-11. Children of God be awake and be vigilant because the devil like a lion is roaming around looking for one to deceive. His teeth are sharp ready to devour anyone who shall fall into his trap. He disguises himself like a messiah but all he does is lie and speak lies into the hearts of men.

Wake up and resist the devil. It is time to wake up and fight with the word of the Spirit which is the word of God. Ephesians 6:10-20

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