God Speaks you just need to listen

God speaks in the most unusual and unexpected ways. He can speak in a still small voice or through His word in the Bible or through the guilty voice in the back of your mind that warns you when you stray from His path, He can be the thunder in the night or speak through the sudden changes in seasons or even through pandemics such as this.

The Lord does speak to us. We just need to learn to listen to Him and to understand His message. And through the Holy Spirit we shall be able to discern His message accurately without confusion. God speaks everyday sometimes in the most unusual ways and other times in usual ways, we just need to be ready to listen to His voice.

Develop an obedient heart that learns to listen and obey the words of the Lord. Learn to surrender to His Holy Spirit so that He may guide you to understanding the message spoken.

There are many voices we can listen to in this world, we can listen to our own voice which may at times not be driven by the desires of the Holy Spirit, the voice of everyone around you which may or may not be correct hence you need discernment when it comes to listening to others, the voice of the evil one who tries to control our lives with fear and other evil thoughts and the voice of God that gives peace to all who listen to Him. So learn to listen to Him

The voice of God reassures us, comforts us, guides us and calls us to obedience to His will. The Lord is truth and from Him flows truth, He is life and from Him flows life and He is the way and from Him we can find the path to follow for our lives. Commit today to obey the Lord and when you hear Him do not harden your heart instead listen to Him.

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