Count your blessings

I know some of us have developed an ungrateful attitude in life that the little things are easy to take for granted. That even being alive is no longer a blessing to us. Some of us are even like Job cursing the day you were born because of the struggles you may be facing in life. Could be an illness, poverty, loneliness etc. And this may cause you to wonder where God’s promises for your life are which in turn makes you forget God’s goodness in your life. Just to bring you back to perspective with this question, hasn’t He blessed you before? Dont you recall all the good things He has done in your life? If you do, then may those past blessings be cause for rejoicing cause you know that God has delivered you before and He shall do it again.

You need to know that its a matter of learning to be grateful to God even when things don’t seem to be going as you want them to. Remember of the things God has blessed you with this far. Dont grumble just learn to be grateful.

Change your perspective and focus on praising God for how far He’s brought you in life. It’s not all meaningless if you are still alive. You may need just a reminder that God still has a purpose for you. So keep your lips constantly singing of the goodness of God, despite your struggles. And may thankfulness never leave your lips.

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