Choose surrender rather than perfection.

God doesn’t desire perfection He desires that we surrender to Him. In actual sense we can never really be perfect even in the standard of this world we still fall short and thats where the grace of God comes in and fills the gap. It delivers us and fights for us that we can fully rely on Jesus to lead us.

When i got saved i desired to do everything perfectly to obey God perfectly that i just became obsessed and started drowning in hypocrisy and worse even shame from feeling like i would ever be enough but that is not what God is asking of us. He just wants us to lean on Him because he is and forever will be enough and only He can complete us. We on our own cant even begin to fix ourselves but through God’s Spirit we are renewed and transformed daily.

The beauty is because of Gods grace we dont need to bend over backwards trying to be perfect. Why would we then need to be saved if we were perfect; if we truly thought so highly of ourselves we are likely to drown in our own pride and become like the pharisees, too blind to see our own error and to blind to realise we need deliverance. Another issue with perfection is that it gives us the illusion that we are doing right by God but when God actually calls us to surrender to His will in a particular thing it becomes harder to do so. This is because we have been following perfection according to what we believe and doing things within our comfort zone instead of following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Even as we realise all this we should not turn back to our old sinful ways or even feel bad because of our imperfections instead we should lean wholeheartedly on the Lord to transform us into who He desires for us to be. We need to lean on Him in the battles we face that He, Jesus Christ, the perfector of our faith shall through His Holy Spirit defend us from all the arrows of the evil one and eventually He will tranform us into new beings in Him

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