On the Gospel of truth

If the gospel was not truth or if it needed to be changed to fit situations that best fit us then why did the disciples suffer for it till death. Those words were as truthful as they were written yet we have changed it so that we dont have to endure the burden of the calling we have as christians.

We have accomodated different faiths, beliefs and deceit so that we may not suffer. How weak can our faith be that a little suffering shall cause us to fall or stumble. Faith that has not endured fire will never grow. Your faith must undergo the fire that comes from the hard words of Jesus.

You must be willing to live out your faith in truth and if you truly believe in Jesus and His promise for eternal life, you must be willing to suffer for that faith even if it means losing your life for the sake of the truth that was brought down by our Lord so that mankind may be saved. Because all who lose their life for the sake of Christ shall gain it (Matthew 10:39).

Let us not change the word to fit our situations instead lets change ourselves that we may be able to live out the words of Christ. And then our faith shall grow and we shall mature as christians not walking around fearing anything but only having reverence for the Lord.

Let not a little hunger, a little thirst a little suffering here and there make us fall away from our faith instead allow suffering to strengthen your faith in the Lord. He is faithful let us too grow in faithfulness to Him.

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