Fix your eyes on the Lord

That your feet may be rooted to a firm ground, onto the rock of our salvation that even as the storms of life hit us we shall not be moved because our feet are planted on God and our eyes fixed onto Him. Just as Stephen did even as he endured persecution in the hands of men, he looked up to heaven and his gaze was fixed there that even the stones thrown at him did not shake him instead brought joy as he was reminded of the promise for eternal life in Christ Jesus. In his death he did not curse his persecutors but forgave them and called unto the Lord to receive his spirit. Even as Jesus did fix His eyes to the Father (John 11:28) we too should set our eyes on Him who has been seated in the throne of heaven and who still prays for us through all that we face (John 17). We shall not be moved, our faith shall not be shaken by worry, grief or turmoil because the Lord fights for us, He comforts us and promises to provide for our every need. So let us keep our eyes turned to Him in all things.

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