On choosing Christ

Choice is something all human beings have been granted by God that they can choose to have faith or not to have faith to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree or not to eat it. And each choice has its own consequences. We have seen this from the very beginning of the world from the story of Adam and Eve, the story of choice and consequences.

And with this realisation, we can make the active choice today to walk away from a sinful life not by our power but through the power of the Holy Spirit. At the end of the day we need to recognize that the choice of life and death, of obedience over rebellion are in our own hands but the power to overcome such evil is in God’s hand through His Spirit. It is by His Spirit that the power of addictions, witchcraft, poverty and death are defeated but we must make a choice to walk away from this part of our lives so that we can see a transformation in our lives.

We need to know that we are called but we choose whether to follow or not to follow, whether to believe or not to believe in Jesus. So always keep that in mind when doubt creeps into your mind and the devil tries to bring you down. Remember why you made the choice to follow Christ despite the difficulties. Recall the bondage of death that once enslaved you and the promise of life through Jesus Christ that came to liberate you. This is just a reminder that we may not return back to our former lives instead we may continue to march foward with Jesus Christ in the direction He desires us to go.

So lets wake up daily and choose to lay down our lives, our desires, our goals and our whole being into God’s hands that His power and His leading may be more evident in our lives. That at the end of it all it shall not be by our might but by His power that we are transformed into new beings. Lets choose to follow and surrender to Jesus Christ. Remember to keep going and to never lose faith in Jesus Christ.

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