Having Faith in God’s provision.

I recall a time when God reminded me of His ability to provide but I met Him with doubt at every turn. I would continually question how He could meet my need considering how circumstances looked so bleak. But with every situation God made a way for me and this was evidence to myself and others on God’s ability to provide for our every need. This testimony arose from a life built on complete surrender which eventually bore the fruit of God’s provision. In times of need, its easy to forget that God sent a raven to provide food for Elijah (1 Kings 17:1-6) and better yet multiplied bread and fish to feed the five thousand and the four thousand, (Matthew 14:13-21) (Matthew 15:29-39), other reminders is when a hundred men were fed from 20 loaves and even some was left over (2 Kings 42-44). This is a reminder that we truly serve a great God, so let us keep our trust in Him. He will always make a way for us in the most difficult situations, and at times its through one mans faith that a whole city can be delivered/provided for so I pray that we will be those individuals with extraordinary faith that walk in full and total surrender to out God. That through our faith many can be delivered and their needs met.

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