Be patient

You will not see or understand what the Lord is doing until the journey He’s taking you you through is over. Thats when you will look back and see the wonders God has done for you. Be patient even in suffering because at the end of it you will realise the lessons you have learnt and those will be more valuable than anything else you would have chased after outside of God’s will. Once its over you will thank and glorify Him for the work He began in you. He brings every good work to completion so allow Him today to work in you that at the end you will rejoice at the work He began in you.

being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6

And then you will be ready to bear fruit at the right time. You will realise that in time the fruits of the Spirit grow within you as you go along the journey, after a while you become more patient, more loving, more kind amd tender with others, more self controlled in your behavior and moral in your actions, more at peace even as troubles face you, even your faith begins to mature and you become even more firm. So learn to be patient on this journey of faith you are on.

On the Gospel of truth

If the gospel was not truth or if it needed to be changed to fit situations that best fit us then why did the disciples suffer for it till death. Those words were as truthful as they were written yet we have changed it so that we dont have to endure the burden of the calling we have as christians.

We have accomodated different faiths, beliefs and deceit so that we may not suffer. How weak can our faith be that a little suffering shall cause us to fall or stumble. Faith that has not endured fire will never grow. Your faith must undergo the fire that comes from the hard words of Jesus.

You must be willing to live out your faith in truth and if you truly believe in Jesus and His promise for eternal life, you must be willing to suffer for that faith even if it means losing your life for the sake of the truth that was brought down by our Lord so that mankind may be saved. Because all who lose their life for the sake of Christ shall gain it (Matthew 10:39).

Let us not change the word to fit our situations instead lets change ourselves that we may be able to live out the words of Christ. And then our faith shall grow and we shall mature as christians not walking around fearing anything but only having reverence for the Lord.

Let not a little hunger, a little thirst a little suffering here and there make us fall away from our faith instead allow suffering to strengthen your faith in the Lord. He is faithful let us too grow in faithfulness to Him.

Choose surrender rather than perfection.

God doesn’t desire perfection He desires that we surrender to Him. In actual sense we can never really be perfect even in the standard of this world we still fall short and thats where the grace of God comes in and fills the gap. It delivers us and fights for us that we can fully rely on Jesus to lead us.

When i got saved i desired to do everything perfectly to obey God perfectly that i just became obsessed and started drowning in hypocrisy and worse even shame from feeling like i would ever be enough but that is not what God is asking of us. He just wants us to lean on Him because he is and forever will be enough and only He can complete us. We on our own cant even begin to fix ourselves but through God’s Spirit we are renewed and transformed daily.

The beauty is because of Gods grace we dont need to bend over backwards trying to be perfect. Why would we then need to be saved if we were perfect; if we truly thought so highly of ourselves we are likely to drown in our own pride and become like the pharisees, too blind to see our own error and to blind to realise we need deliverance. Another issue with perfection is that it gives us the illusion that we are doing right by God but when God actually calls us to surrender to His will in a particular thing it becomes harder to do so. This is because we have been following perfection according to what we believe and doing things within our comfort zone instead of following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Even as we realise all this we should not turn back to our old sinful ways or even feel bad because of our imperfections instead we should lean wholeheartedly on the Lord to transform us into who He desires for us to be. We need to lean on Him in the battles we face that He, Jesus Christ, the perfector of our faith shall through His Holy Spirit defend us from all the arrows of the evil one and eventually He will tranform us into new beings in Him

You are not alone

The worst feeling you can ever feel when you are going through changes in life or facing different struggles is the feeling of being alone. That is a dangerous feeling because if it is not managed it can drown you in depression which is even worse cause its not easy to get out of.

Feeling like no one cares whether you live or die or whether you are suffering or not. I can relate to this a lot. But lately im coming to learn that i am not really alone even in the darkness that tries to consume our minds or the struggles we face we are never truly alone because God is with us in all things and He sees and hears us even during this time.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you”

Deuteronomy 31:6

We may have gotten accustomed to not reaching out to the one who actually understands us that is, Jesus Christ. We may have even gotten comfortable in pushing Him aside when all God desires is to actually help us, give us peace and talk to us. He will fill that loneliness in you because His presence brings overwhelming peace and Joy that no man can ever bring.

I would tell you to reach out to a friend but the closest friend is just a prayer away so lean on God cause He is ever present. Don’t lay your burdens whole heartedly on people cause we are limited but God is not. God is just a prayer away and He will understand you like no one else will. He will help you where no one else can and He will continuously show you that He is the one you need in times like this.

Count your blessings

I know some of us have developed an ungrateful attitude in life that the little things are easy to take for granted. That even being alive is no longer a blessing to us. Some of us are even like Job cursing the day you were born because of the struggles you may be facing in life. Could be an illness, poverty, loneliness etc. And this may cause you to wonder where God’s promises for your life are which in turn makes you forget God’s goodness in your life. Just to bring you back to perspective with this question, hasn’t He blessed you before? Dont you recall all the good things He has done in your life? If you do, then may those past blessings be cause for rejoicing cause you know that God has delivered you before and He shall do it again.

You need to know that its a matter of learning to be grateful to God even when things don’t seem to be going as you want them to. Remember of the things God has blessed you with this far. Dont grumble just learn to be grateful.

Change your perspective and focus on praising God for how far He’s brought you in life. It’s not all meaningless if you are still alive. You may need just a reminder that God still has a purpose for you. So keep your lips constantly singing of the goodness of God, despite your struggles. And may thankfulness never leave your lips.

God Speaks you just need to listen

God speaks in the most unusual and unexpected ways. He can speak in a still small voice or through His word in the Bible or through the guilty voice in the back of your mind that warns you when you stray from His path, He can be the thunder in the night or speak through the sudden changes in seasons or even through pandemics such as this.

The Lord does speak to us. We just need to learn to listen to Him and to understand His message. And through the Holy Spirit we shall be able to discern His message accurately without confusion. God speaks everyday sometimes in the most unusual ways and other times in usual ways, we just need to be ready to listen to His voice.

Develop an obedient heart that learns to listen and obey the words of the Lord. Learn to surrender to His Holy Spirit so that He may guide you to understanding the message spoken.

There are many voices we can listen to in this world, we can listen to our own voice which may at times not be driven by the desires of the Holy Spirit, the voice of everyone around you which may or may not be correct hence you need discernment when it comes to listening to others, the voice of the evil one who tries to control our lives with fear and other evil thoughts and the voice of God that gives peace to all who listen to Him. So learn to listen to Him

The voice of God reassures us, comforts us, guides us and calls us to obedience to His will. The Lord is truth and from Him flows truth, He is life and from Him flows life and He is the way and from Him we can find the path to follow for our lives. Commit today to obey the Lord and when you hear Him do not harden your heart instead listen to Him.

Beware of false gods

False gods that exalt themselves above the one true God. That impersonate the Lord and walk around preaching a false gospel to confuse the Christians out here. Instead be vigilant and be close to the word of the Lord. The words written in that Bible are the truth you need to keep from being deceived. May they help you fight the lie of the evil one with the truth of God.

May the word of the Lord be a guiding light that you may not fall into the trap of the evil one. Many have fallen and many are confused because a false gospel has been spoken out into the hearts of men that walk separate from me, that it may bring confusion to them and they may be trapped in the lies of the evil one.

But i urge you to remain vigilant and remember the words spoken to Timothy in the book of Timothy 1:3-11. Children of God be awake and be vigilant because the devil like a lion is roaming around looking for one to deceive. His teeth are sharp ready to devour anyone who shall fall into his trap. He disguises himself like a messiah but all he does is lie and speak lies into the hearts of men.

Wake up and resist the devil. It is time to wake up and fight with the word of the Spirit which is the word of God. Ephesians 6:10-20

When you start to wonder of God’s faithfulness

Remember that He has done good things before. Recall of the days He filled you with His peace. And because of this be patient in your trials and hold firmly to His truth, that He is good and faithful. That when all you are going through is over you will remember that its His hand working in your life again.

Learn to look to His words spoken in the Bible, because those words were truth to you and brought life to you. Remember those same words have not changed and allow them to continue being the truth that guides you as you continue on your journey in this life. His word reminds you especially of one important truth that the Lord is good and faithful forever and i urge you to trust that He is still faithful even in your suffering. His words dont change just because your seasons or emotions change.

The most important thing is that you never ever give up on God. Even if you suffering lasts for a year or 2 and it seems to be never ending. Even if it gets to a point that you start to wonder if it ever will end, just keep holding onto Him. There are times that you get to a point that you feel like you are going to break, trust that He is still holding on to you. He saved you to endure times like these.

Keep holding on to Him because He is your strength and through Him you can overcome all things. And eventually may your lips be filled with rejoicing and thankfulness for all that He has done and all He is yet to do.

Thank you God that you still have a purpose for my life. I thank you and I praise you oh God.

Focus on God

Remember to turn your mind to God and His promises. No matter how many things try to distract you keep your eyes turned to God.

Despite the worries and doubts that try to form in your mind keep focusing on God. Do not allow these to turn you away from God.

Remember to turn your attention to the one constant in your life that is Jesus. Your problems will end but Jesus will always be constant so make sure that no matter how the winds blow your eyes are turned to Him. The only one who fills your mind with peace despite the troubles that you face. Remember He is still holding you no matter what, that no matter what you face you will not fall.

The lies from the past that tempt us to sin.

When you still were living in darkness, there were many lies you allowed into your spirit to the point that they became natural to you. Darkness became natural to you and you had become children of darkness. You identity was rooted in things of darkness such as lying, sexual immorality, addictions etc.

But now that you are saved and are brought into the light. You now know through the Holy Spirit what is good and evil. You know the patterns of darkness and you avoid them. Yet still the lies from the past come to act as temptions to you to fall into sin. For example being tempted to lie even if its just a little or to drink just a little if you used to be an addict.

You will be tempted with the things that had kept you in darkness for so long, the things things that made you fall in the first place. Now is when you must stand guard to be able to recognize those lies from the devil. Because the lies wont stop, instead they will keep on coming to you till the day you give in and return to darkness because thats where the devil wants you to be. You must avoid giving in to sin because its the very thing that separated you from God.

Instead resist the devil and He will free from you James 4:7. At the end of the day you must ask yourself if this lies are worth losing the relationship you have with God. Theres a reason why you were removed from that life, dont look back and fall for the same things that doomed you to death in the first place.